Big Meet V2

Good evening all! You lovely gorgeous people!

Following on from the last Big Meet

where lots of guys on this close knit forum got to meet each other face to face

had a few beers and watched the football

crashed a little (with consequences)

It’s time to have another meetup!


Drone flyers, pizza eaters, beer monsters, whiskey connoisseurs, serial killers etc

Here is the first poll

Wherever it may be (it won’t be the Midlands this time) Who is interested in meeting up for a fly and a laugh…

  • I am
  • I am not

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I’m in


Also in


I’m coming


Keep in touch


maybe depends where etc :slight_smile: id like to go haha!


YES!!! I’m in, rain or shine. :raised_hands:t4: :hocho:

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You sure? :thinking: :rofl:

Not missing this one mate (unless its in Scotland) :weary:

So jealous seeing the photos and videos of people wearing that tutu :disappointed_relieved:

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To whoever takes the reins and organises this one, there is £26 in the kitty as a starter.
From refund donations by kind gents at last meet.
Let me know who wants it and when :+1:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


We should know this once the poll for “where we will have it” has finished :+1:
I’ll put it up in a bit.


This is great news! When is this likely to be? I’m definitely up for it depending on when and where obviously lol had such a good time at the last one :star_struck:


Sounds like fun, will let you know if I can attend when the deets are released

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Hi all.
It looks like we could have a fair bit of interest for another big meetup.

Again, this is a great chance to meet fellow pilots face to face after communicating via the internet. Maybe with a drink or two, maybe with a stop over (camping or otherwise).

Lots of details are to be worked out via a weekly succession of polls, but firstly it’s best to out find where the most popular area in the UK is.

Seeing as we’ve done the Midlands, the following poll will exclude this area.
Vote for as many areas as you like. Voting ends next Friday.

Where would you like to have a big meetup…

  • North Scotland
  • South Scotland
  • North east England
  • North West England
  • North Wales
  • Mid Wales
  • South Wales
  • East England
  • South East England
  • South West England
  • South England
  • Northern Ireland

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I need to ask, what’s wrong with SW guys :joy: we have hot tubs too :man_shrugging:t4: Okay granted not much in the way of mountains and hills but plenty of tractors :laughing:

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and a lovely coast line throughout the south west :smiley:

Do you think we’re selling it yet? :laughing:

Lets hope so :smiley:

Got my vote, always loved the South West coast :+1:

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Also missing Yorkshire on here. We’re definitely not the midlands and wouldn’t say anything else covers us here :grin: