Bike Tracks with my lad

Okay so the Mavic maybe isn’t the best at FPV style flying but I gave it a go, not by any means the best video I’ve created, but it gives me some good memories of my lad enjoying his time on the track.


Thanks Rich, I did have a go with active track but kept losing my lad, shame active track doesn’t come in sport mode! :pensive: did my best though and got some nice shots :ok_hand: we’ll definitely be doing some when the suns out. :ok_hand:

Brilliant !! Dads & Lads - doesn’t get any better - wish there had been these drones when mine were young. Try it in sports mode with tracking on the lad maybe ? - flying 3 feet behind him just above helmet level ? he’d love it and you’d be a nervous wreck lol


Haha I would be a wreck! :joy: nearly crashed it into him in P mode! Luckily the sensors picked him up :open_mouth::joy::rescue_worker_helmet:

P mode ??? u chicken !!! lol

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