Bit the bullet and bought a Nazgul5 XL... plus a spare.. I had twins

So after my 2nd DJIFPV crash and still waiting on the parts to arrive to fix it, i had a few glasses of vino. Unfortunately my holiday fund took a hit (well since i cant go on holiday anyway) :joy:
iFlight Nazgul5 XL HD LED and a used Nazgul5 XL were bought… and a Caddx vista also… Now i have twin Nazguls that both work on my DJI black controller and V2 goggles.

Wee vid just to show off my Airmode skills cos i only did full acro for a few seconds.

THIS IS NOT A DJI!!! So much more practice is needed with this thing. But i am loving this new hobby. Deffo less painful than DHMTB!


I’ve gotta say so far my Nazgul is my favourite.
So quick and fun to fly.

Great video and skills :clap:t2: