Bit the Bullet

Well I Finally Bit the Bullet after watching hours & hours of YouTube on Drones bought the mini 2 it suits my time and needs better than a bigger drone although I really fancied the Mavic 2 I just thought a small drone could be more handy going to my local field Park or whatever and nobody notices you just the way you want it , on my fly in the dips where I met up with Dave, about 20 mins into flying a going woman and a child came and sat about 10 ft away from me, now obviously I have just started flying drones so not 100% confident yet & it was the phantom 3 not a small drone so on looking at the drones on YouTube that came back to me and my decision was made, so going to get out over the bank holiday, maybe the dips on Monday morning,


well done @Clockmaker

good choice… you can always go up in size.

I went cheap at first with a Breeze 4k… great video I must admit but a poor drone and flaky GPS… sent it back and then just sold some photo equipment for an almost swap at Wex photographic. The Mini is smaller than the Breeze drone and it was a concern; thinking the wind will be shaking it about resulting in poor video or stills.

Even now I’m amazed at it in breezy conditions. I’d like more time out and about but the drone is getting more use than the camera did so I’m still pleased.

Plenty of help here… Welcome

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Good choice, hope you enjoy it. I bought the mini 2 in May, then upgraded quite quickly to Air 2s, fits my needs better as I do mostly hillwalking where the wind can get a bit stronger than the usual parks and being into photograph I wanted the best camera I could get for my bucks, I’m not disappointed. Still a great choice , have fun :+1:

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I’m hopefully going to get more into photography, but it’s a hard balance doing the things you must do & the things you want to do but looking forward to my new drone, :grin::grin:

Hi John. See you have bit the bullet and gone for the mini 2 well all i can say is you won’t go back to the bigger drones mate, you will get far more enjoyment flying now.
Regards Dave.

Love my mini 2