Bitten by the bug. Need another Drone

Went out today with the Mini and a little Snaptain A10, oh and the better half.

Was told about a place we could fly on a recreational field not to far from home.
I played football for the Cubs there (Yes the balls were old leather ones!)

I wanted somewhere to play that was open and safe to experiment.

Filming in sports mode as near as the ground as I dared, (NOT THAT CLOSE!).

Flicking back and forward, left and right landing it myself on the table…all simple stuff but good fun and it gets me used to the drone.

Then we tried the Snaptain for the Wife. What a larf…she has done so many steps chasing the damn thing down. It flies well VERY close in, as in 2-3 metres. Then it decides to do its own thing. AND AWAY SHE GOES…funny because there weren’t any walkers around. But seriously it was potentially dangerous.

She flew my Mini 2…

I am now in the market for a Second hand Mini or similar.

If anyone has any recommendations that I can get hold of very quickly as we are on Holiday this week. Want to strike when the iron is hot!

Preferably under 249gm to avoid registration. Any thoughts?

Rescued my Mini 2. I bought her a Mavic Mini.


Nicely done!

Took them both out today.

Both the drones, not the missus and her drone.

Interesting comparison, it was quite gusty and she had 2 warnings about wind. Me, I flew higher looking for the ‘wind’ she was talking about.

TBH I was really impressed with the Mini, I don’t know why but I expected less from it. Yes, the video from the 2 is slightly better, yes, it fared better in the gusts but two very capable drone flew today. I really can’t say the same for the pilots but we are getting there slowly…