Blackpool @ 7 am 20.03.2021


Is that 360 image uploaded to Kuula straight from the drone?
Which drone, too?

@OzoneVibe no Dave, I stitched it in PS, the image straight from the drone is only a cached image. Mini 2.

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Was the image you uploaded 2x1 proportions? (width = twice height).

I noticed the horizon looked a little curved.

@OzoneVibe no when you stitch the separate images the flat pano comes out at something like 9550x3360 so you have to crop it to 2 : 1 and fill the sky in manually.

Yup … been doing it for years.

Was trying to work out why your horizon looks a little curved.

Strange, if what you uploaded was 2x1.

Ah!! did you crop the bottom? It’s not all there, causing a “pinch”.

@OzoneVibe don’t look curved on my computer screen or phone.

@OzoneVibe yep just noticed that. Will have a look again.

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@OzoneVibe Good spot, horizon centre was off, I must have moved it in my rush to finish and watch the rugby, I can’t get rid of the pinch at the bottom though.


Bingo - horizon is now very level … and it’s not slightly kinda “fish-eye”.

Shame about the pinch … seems to be some stitching issues.

Are you on PC? If so give Microsoft’s ICE a whirl. It’s free and usually does a better job (for me) than PS or LR.

I think I’ve been doing them too long. LOL! As always, people that can spot mistakes can only do so because they made a load themselves in the past. :wink:


@OzoneVibe this was the first pano I stitched from the Mini 2, don’t have that problem with the M2P but I cannot see that making any difference because they are still basically the same files, I will do some experimenting. I used ICE ages ago and did not like the interface but that was about 4-5 years ago it has probably changed since then, I will have a look.

They may be the same files, but successful stitching is down to the algorithms used to analyse and find matching points found where the images overlap. The algorithms in PS and LR differ … amazingly.

I’ve had success uning ICE with images that wouldn’t work in PS, and vice versa … and ended up doing loads manually in Hugin that wouldn’t work correctly in anything automatically.

I can imagine some people not liking the UI in ICE, but I guess I’ve just used it that long I got to know it and, overall, I’ve found it to be more successful, more often, than the others.

Great pano Philip :+1:t2:
@OzoneVibe I have no idea why but quite a few of the panos from Mini 2 owners seem to have that ‘pinch’ at the bottom of the image? Is it something to do with the Fly App processing the images rather than the drone itself? I know on the M2P and MA2 the processing is done onboard the drone and they don’t seem to have this issue?

Hmmm … the original MP stitches in the app, too, (albeit the Go4 app) without problem (other than crap resolution!).

But …

… and subsequent posts re PS and ICE… mean that he was stitching on his computer, and if the “straight-down” image is there, no pinching should occur.

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Thats a good point Dave, missed the post saying stitched in PS :crazy_face: lol

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@SirGunner @OzoneVibe here is a screenshot from the stitched JPG from the drone, it still has distortion(pinch point)although in a different position.

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Not good. … especially since they’ve had 3 years of stitching practice to get this right.

@OzoneVibe quick update, I tried ICE and Hugin, still had pinch points, tried PTGui and stitch is perfect. Problem with PTGui is the free version leaves water marks all over the output image so I bit the corporate bullet and purchased a license. If you ever have need I can try any problem images you have with it.

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