Blackpool Beach, Pier & Tower - Added to Beaches & Seaside Resorts in the North West region on the map at

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

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nice video mate. Did You use filters? What software did You use?

Thanks. No I didn’t have any filters back then. The video was on my Phantom 4. I do have filters now - They definitely help things. The evening part was filmed just before sunset which looked good.
I edit on iMovie on the Mac. Free and easy to use. Cheers.

very impressed with the video quality. nice job

That’s one seriously deserted beach! What time of year did you shoot this?

It was October last year - went up to see the Blackpool Illuminations. The Tower side of the pier had some people, but the other side was completely deserted. But is was SOOO windy. Windiest I have ever flown in.