Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Love this Ian, even down to the gull.

What time of day was it ?

Ian is really Phil :wink:

05.57 according to the exif, I did a pano of here last year and you said you would like to see one from a lower altitude so this is for you @milkmanchris.

Stupid me !!

Any security about, were you in the park or ‘close by’

Just the road side of the wall, no security that I could see and no one came out chasing me.

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Love all the colours, you should consider contacting them, perfect for their advertising

No probs Dave…

Thats absolutely quality. I love it. Its a shame the owners of BPB are so anti drone (I’ve got the cease and desist to prove it)

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I heard that when they were servicing the big one during lockdown they found two drones amongst the rigging.

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I know the tower finds quite a lot of crashed drones