Some pictures of My local area…


Some cracks shots there @Diveuk

Which drone did you use?

Love the night shots

Some GADC Badge collecting, with those, too.

Both the Night Flyer and the Golden Hour Flyer Badges added to your profile. :+1:

Nice pics. Spent many a “happy” hour on the roof of the Imperial Hotel during Political Party Conferences. Pity it’s a drone site this 'cause there are lots of interesting stories about these conferences :cry:

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Thank you, Mavic 2 Pro.

Thank you.

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Lovely shots :ok_hand:

There is some wonderful scenery around the Fylde :slight_smile:

Yep my next spot to try is the Fylde estuary, some old abandoned boats there so I am told.

Yes - check the tide before you go though. If there’s a 10m high tide they are completely surrounded by water.
Park in the nature reserve carpark at the end of Jameson Rd, past the recycling centre :wink:


Yep, I got caught out by the tide flying from the beach a few months ago, took off with the water line about 100m away from me, took my eye off the bird 10 minutes later and I was surrounded by water, landed the drone, and had to wade back to the steps through knee deep water. Thanks for the info, will definitely check that out when it stops raining.


You are a long way from the first to have been caught out by the tide, and you won’t be the last

Some crackers in there and very sharp.