Blithfield Reservoir, Admaston, Staffs Hangar 360

Took this today in between filming.

Not sure what went on with the darker area of water.

May try to fix later by creating my own pano from the 23 shots it took.

Got to go back to that place and shoot some more.

It was a huge reservoir. I flew out to about 6000ft from one end to the other, but it was windy and barely made it back using sports mode to fight the wind before the battery died.


First up, damn you and your working Hangar 360 app lol :smiley:

Second, holy shit you’re brave!!! I’ve only flown over water once, and I didn’t hang around… I need to build up my courage…

But mate, you let Hangar take over - 91m above water :open_mouth: :crazy_face::crazy_face:


So the reservoir itself, not one I’m familiar with, is there a dam wall somewhere? And what’s with the walkway (if that’s what it is?) half way through the middle of it?

Actually, thinking about it, that might be the dam wall? But maybe not, as at the opposite end there’s what looks like a dead straight solid wall.

More info on the dam please :+1:

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Hehe, I purposely kept high and switched off downward sensors and forward sensors, but going to revisit to get some low flying in.

There is no dam on the reservoir as you would think of being a dam. The flat end is just the end of it, with a small water treatment works behind where the sticky out bit is lol. I guess it is a kind of dam, as the water treatment is a little lower behind it.

The walkway at the other end that splits the reservoir is actually a road/bridge, which I drove over to get to the car park (I was high).

That’s actually how I found this place a few weeks ago when I took dog to a kennels nearby.

Just working on editing some video footage I took of the reservoir. Not brilliant, but I will get something out of it. May take a while, there are a lot of cuts to remove my jerky flying movements lol.

Normally I only take stills, but today I wanted to try video. Need a lot more practice for sure.

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I’m at exactly the same point in my piloting career :smiley:

What seems smooth at the time, when played back on the TV in the living room are huge, tremendous movements that would probably register on the Richter scale :smiley:

Cool post, keep us updated :1st_place_medal: