Blocked motor Inspire 1v2.0

I noticed that in all my recent pictures the horizon is off even after calibration on flat ground.

When the drone is hovering one of the motors sounds different to the others. Also one doesn’t feel as smooth to operate as the other 3.

Is there a way this can be taken apart or would it be a definite replacement?

Im assuming that the horizon is off as it isnt flying true due to on emotor being slightly off.

Yes it had a heavy impact and ended up upside down motors still running and digging in :man_facepalming: that’s a storey for a whole new thread but I was

Sorted by a suggestion made by @macspite in the DMs, thanks :blush:

Is the answer / fix a secret? :thinking:

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No, only to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:joy::joy: It would seem that way, I reached out to him and he offered advice that worked.

I suppose its down to @macspite if he would like to share said secret or request a premium :roll_eyes:

The solution was reminiscent of an old, unfunny joke about car maintenance.

Shit in the motor.


Did a shot of compressed air fix it? Or was it a teardown job?

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Blast of compressed air and it flew a treat today. I was ready for a strip down though so appreciated the simplicitic advice that I as a novice had missed


Excellent news, I’m all for a cheap and easy fix.

Thanks for sharing guys :slight_smile:


Blown a seal ?

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