Bloody hell it's cold! Any tips for keeping warm?

Went for a “settings-test-flight” (you do these too, right?!) and my god it’s cold out there!! I could barely feel my fingers at the end of it!

I’m a big fan of the cold. I don’t get on with the heat at all. I quite happily walk my Alaskan Malamute in -5C without batting an eyelid.

Thing is… I’m on the move… she cracks on at a fair old pace so I don’t actually get cold. If anything, I arrive back home with a sweat on!

But when flying, well, I’m just stood there doing nothing… My fingers got so cold earlier that I couldn’t actually fly smoothly due to shaking so much :open_mouth:

Any tips for keeping warm while stood still for so long?!


A Hip Flask and good quality Fine Gloves.

Problem with the gloves though Ray, is the whole touch-screen malarkey… They’re not always idea l :frowning:

Love the hip flask idea, now that will keep me warm :wine_glass:

I use these when I am doing an outside Photo Shoot, They Really work well

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I wonder what range one can get when sat in the car … with the engine running and the heater on … :wink:


I’ve been wondering too… it has got to be worth a try. At the worst, if the connection drops the bird will just RTH, right?

I never even knew something like that existed!!! What a cracking idea!

Just ordered some!

Thanks @HE15RGP :+1: :smiley:

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Also these natty little numbers. :slight_smile:

Ive had no luck with these so called touch gloves…ive tried a few pairs and they just dont work and end up taking them off…if anyone has a pair that work well on an ipad, id be interested to hear

I have some head running gloves that I got from Costco.

They’re compatible with touchscreens and work really well

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How about one of these?


Haha. Love it! Do they come in Grey Arrows Drone Club colours? :wink:

I’m seriously thinking about getting one for when I’m not flying LOS I get so cold nowadays so quickly. I’ve got 3 batteries and I know I won’t fly all three before my fingers are numb.

Just the let anyone interested in these gloves know - they work! Mine arrived today (paid for, not a freebie endorsement) and I was able to operate my iPhone screen while wearing them. Cool…or warm, I suppose.

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Thanks - just ordered a pair. Looking like heavy snow our way on Sunday so once it stops (and if its still light) I will get a chance to test them out!

More a sprinkle than heavy … but who believes anything weather forecasts say?
Unless, of course, it’s the total opposite to what you want, then they seem to get it right. :wink:

UK 3 Day Snow Forecast

Deep heat. Just rub it all over yourself.
Watch ya nether regions though. :exploding_head:

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this is easy… park up and stay in the car and launch out the sun roof :smiley: once you have taken off simply close the sun roof and keep the heaters on!


LOL, are you speaking from experience? :rofl:

You’ve obviously never had someone else rub it in for you! Instant warmth!

Anyone got any glove recommends? My usual lake district pair are fantastic for walking on the tops, but not so much for flying as they have no touch screen pads.

Looking for waterproof/ maybe usb heated / with touchscreen compatibility so I don’t have to keep taking them off to change camera settings or flight modes.

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