Bloody weather! ... and flyability

Was going to book a balcony at the Hilton for Sunday and the cricket there.

But calculated that one might not get a lot of shade.

So withdrew.

Was out flying today, but it was just too hot.

Still in a few days it will 18 and we will need coats :joy:

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Doom monger

Updated …

Garden Chimney
Monday 31.7℃ 28.7℃
Tuesday 32.3℃ 29.4℃
Wednesday 33.4℃ 29.5℃
Thursday 33.0℃ 29.0℃
Friday 32.8℃ 29.3℃
Saturday 34.5℃ @ 14:42 30.3℃ @ 14:30


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It’s “warm”.

30℃ to 40℃ is “warm”.

40℃ to 45℃ is “rather warm”


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And the numbers are in for the UK’s hottest September day on record and the hottest day of 2023! Kew Gardens recorded a provisional 33.2C, overtaking Thursday’s 32.6C in Surrey. This makes it the sixth consecutive day that temperatures have exceeded 30C in this #ukheatwave!

Definitely braai weather :sun_with_face: :cut_of_meat: :beer:

My Christmas lunch the last two years was a HUGE steak on the charcoal bbq, outdoors.
It’s never too hot or too cold for a bbq.



Terrible news coming from Libya :disappointed_relieved:

Libyan floods: Derna city alone recovers 1,000 bodies - minister

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That’s the same storm that caused havoc in Greece at the end of last week.

The image I posted last Wednesday…

… then this Friday …

… then Sunday …


Storms in the Med are never …

  • as intense, nor
  • as long lived.

Recent record sea temperatures in that area (by quite a bit) the driving force.

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Thunderstorms this weekend! A wet weekend ahead with #thunderstorms spreading across the UK on Sunday! The south-east is looking to be particularly badly affected Gif showing both precipitation rate on the left, and lightning risk on the right.


It’s as if the weather is celebrating the return of the RTF Competition, by ensuring no-one can fly :frowning:

Persistent rain and blowing a gale here :frowning:

Ditto, exactly my thoughts too :grimacing:

The first thing I thought was if that was over here then here goes another speed record for @clinkadink

Some bouncy landings on Big Jet TV this morning :slight_smile:

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Ooooooooo … suit you sir.

Another speed run incoming me thinks

I think I best wait … it’ chucking it down.

Severe rain heading north east …


Stick it’s nappy on & send :small_airplane::dash::dash::dash: