Blooming orchids

One of the wifes orchids getting a new flower…

Mum had one of these in the kitchen window. 2020 after it had finished flowering, it look like a couple of dried sticks, for the longest time, so I put it out in the conservatory, was going to throw it out, but didn’t. Mum went into hospital in April 2021, can’t remember exactly when but later that year, it burst into flower again, after looking completely lifeless for all that time. It didn’t flower as much as the year before though and sadly mum passed away in September and never got to see it and it has not shown any signs of flowering this year.

I found this video on youtube which many orchid owners might find interesting

Sad your mother didn’t see it blooming again Andy but good to hear it flowered again for you.

Sorry for your loss.

My wife has several dotted all over the place, they thrive in moist atmosphere as the roots are above the potting medium they extract moisture from the air. My wife places the small pots that they come in in a much larger pot and fills the larger pot with compost and soaks the compost, this keeps the air around the plant moist and they seem very happy.

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