Blue line across screen on CrystalSky

Hi, I have just sold my Crystalsky Ultra bright 7.85” on EBay but the buyer has requested a refund because the screen has a horizontal blue line across the middle of the screen. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? I didn’t see the line when I used it.

Can you upload the photo they sent you of the blue line so we can take a look?

My suspicion here is to call bullshit, they’re trying it on.

The CS Ultra is a high ticket item so you’ll have shipped it with suitable insurance attached.

If it was fine when you shipped it, and the buyer has provided you with proof of the damage, then I’d recommend claiming against your courier company. That’s what it’s there for :slight_smile:

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Googled the problem - no posts.
Searched DJI Forums - no posts.
If he want a refund, get him to send it back first so you can see the problem. I tend to agree with @PingSpike.
Is he in UK?

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Did you get the serial number too, make sure the one you get back is the one you sent

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Yes, it was sent with full insurance via Royal Mail. They have sent photos showing the blue line but not connected to the controller/ drone. I’ll agree that it’s returned for inspection (no guarantee of refund) but I suspect foul play.


One of the reasons I no longer sell valuable stuff on eBay. I’ve had iPads returned to me with a different serial number from the one I sent and a near mint Leica IIif that came back as a Russian fake. I won on both cases but it dragged on for months.


Yep it’s what I check when I send electronics … hope the op has it to hand but suspect DJI account might have it linked?

Now the buyer refuses to return the item after contacting DJI themselves requesting a repair under the 24 month guarantee. Still claiming that it’s defective. I’ve initiated a ‘fake claim of defective item’ case on Ebay.

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