BMFA World Record Attempt - Sunday 15 May 2022

I guess a lot of us will have had an email about this but I thought I’d throw it up here anyway.

TL;DR: Attempt to have the most models flying at 12 noon on Sunday 15 May. Open to clubs and individuals. You do need to be a member to participate.


Shame it’s limited to BMFA members only :unamused:

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Indeed. I went FPVUK, as I’m sure many of us did.


My model flying club are participating in this. It’s our intention to have 20 to 25, or more, models in the air. Model classes will be separated in altitude with gliders at the top, then large scale 3D and Warbirds, then smaller sized IC models, and then the short duration electric flyers at the lower levels.

I’ve been tasked with positioning some of my drones (at least four or five) at various key locations around the field to record the event.

I predict carnage.

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Sounds good…
I am a BMFA member and have that day marked in my calendar. I just need somewhere to fly…


Treat it like NT? Take off from nearby path :grin:

I’m sure we can find you somewhere :laughing:

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