Bob & Wendy - Northwest Scotland - June 2021

A trip around the Northwest Scotland.


Absolute belter of a vid !!! Enjoyed that immensely - it reminded me of my first honeymoon on Skye and many visits before & after climbing and fishing. Its the best place in Scotland for me by a mile.
Terrific flying and well done on adding a vlog to it, along with entirely appropriate music. A real memory jerker, so thank you for that. :+1: The Scottish Tourist Board would be most impressed.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Enjoyed watching that, well done. I’m off to Skye next week, hope the weather is as good :+1:

If you get the weather its nice. The good thing about places like Skye / Glencoe is they look awesome in all weathers. Look forward to seeing your video! :slight_smile:

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A excellent video, amazing views. Love the music too.

I noticed you used my footage of the jacobite monument at Loch Shiel

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What’s happened here then @barkerb ?

It certainly looks the same.

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Hi drumsagard yes he has taken my footage it would have been OK if he had asked and credited me but he hasn’t

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Simple Error. Planning phase of my video I chopped together some random ideas. This one didn’t get chopped back out again. Thanks to Colin for his contribution.

I notice that you felt the need to replay a few times in as many places as possible. I log on once in a blue moon so have replied at the earliest opportunity. Fell free at any time to use any of my other clips with total impunity!

On at least 4 occasions during the making of my video there were other drones around. Certainly while I was at Glenfinnan. Anyways, it a hobby and no0one actually gives a shit!

That’s a bizarre situation.

Why would you leave the video up if it contains work that isn’t yours?

And that’s an even more bizarre response.

The original content creator who’s work you seemingly published as your own might give a shit :thinking:


I didn’t see the comments until this morning for one. Secondly, my own footage is also an orbit at the same height. MY own footage is less saturated, as you’ll see from the rest of the video. Once I’ve posted to youtube, I leave my errors there. I’d rather have all my own work but there you go. We’re all human and make mistakes! If you don;t want your work sampled, you should lock it down.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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“Sampled”, is that the latest word for copyright theft?



This is a windup, right? :rofl:

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Hi I always check first to see if there was any other drones in area before I launch don’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun and getting great footage if there is another I wait until they have finished filming

I would like you to remove my content from your video then repost your own