Booth Wood Reservoir - Added to Lakes & Reservoirs in the Yorkshire & the Humber region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at


Why my post has been flagged? can I get the answer, please?

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Just looking into it …. a setting that hasn’t responded correctly.

Ok Thanks, Vibe, I am a new member and just thought to share my videoes on this forum and hope this is absolutely fine? Thanks again.

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Yup - welcome (from a human)! :wink:

Can’t seem to sort it atm …. might need someone else to fix.


Sorted! :+1:

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@rohan welcome to Grey Arrows!

I was at the same location last year (well, I pass it all the time on the way to work, rarely have time to stop though!

Some pics: Booth Wood Reservoir, Ripponden, West Yorkshire

I guess you’re local mate?

Saw your pics, good one :slight_smile:

Managed down to see family just before Easter. As the weather was good, nipped over the border to Yorkshire to burn a battery.




Tips for a flying location: you can park in the Yorkshire Water car park off the A672 Oldham Road. There are a couple of grassy areas there to fly from, but if you prefer somewhere a bit quieter, follow the footpath down hill at the east end of the car park, then turn right when you reach an abandoned roadway. There are several spaces along there where you can fly from, as I did for these photos.