Bored to death

I have been at the skatepark with my lad since 10am and stupidly said he could stay till 9pm.
Pity it’s in a NFZ


Was there supposed to be a photo, Steve … since you added it to #non-drone?

No didn’t notice it was pics and vids sorry should have been in droning on.

Moved it. :wink::+1:

You spent 11hrs at a skate park?! :scream:

Could you not have left him there? :smiley:

I could but I quite enjoy the father son time before he turns into a moody teenager.
Bee every day this week and still got 2 days to go. But at least these are only 7hrs.
Hoping to make a contact tomorrow as there’s a celeb YouTuber going. Might offer my services to do aerial footage for his channel.