Botany Bay - Added to Beaches & Seaside Resorts in the East of England region on the map at


I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

Another amazing place for flying your drone.


How far out was the ship please ? I’m not quite brave enough to put the MA over water yet - I guess it’s an experience and confidence thing ?



First I thought it was around a 1km (0,6 mile) but when I finally reached it it was 2 miles away . Open space so no interference and signal strength was good. Also weather was good too, no strong winds. I had a friend with me with his powerful binoculars so this helped a bit too. But yes confidence comes with time and you do your own calculations (weather conditions, wind, battery charge and so on).


Thanks for that. I know the area well, and that is SOME flying !

Yep - small steps first for me !


Hi From Westgate on Sea, Kent

Very nice. I look forward to getting your confidence!


Anything can happen anywhere, I’m afraid of the birds as their behaviour is unpredictable, that’s one thing to be afraid of for me. Rest it’s just proper pre flight checks ( props properly attached, battery inserted correctly, RTH altitude set correctly and when you take off make sure home point is recorded). Confidence grows with every flight but don’t overestimate yourself (happened to me and I crashed), but this is a good experience.


Many Thanks. Am taking it all very slowly!!!


Birds are a pain in the butt!


Wow a close call Chris!!!


smile for the birdy


yep, there were 1,000s of the buggers!, it was at a place called Pyramiden, on Spitzbergen, an old deserted Russian Coal mining town.
Fascinating place, with only 6 human residents, and millions of seabirds!.
Done a great Glacier flight from the other side of the Bay there, the most bum tweaking flight I have ever done !.