Bought a Mini 2 - Hello from Towcester

Got a potensic D58 few weeks ago had a few flights with it brought mini 2 last night should be here few days and can’t wait.


Hello @Kegp

Where are you based?

I had one arrive yesterday but with the bad weather I’ve not been able to even warm the motors.

Can’t wait for the weekend to try it out

Hi Towcester

Yeah been rubbish took my d58 out on Monday for quick fly wasn’t too bad to be fair did have to have it in fast mode tho

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I had the Mavic pro out last weekend but there’s nothing worse than having a new toy and not being able to fly it

Yes been looking out the window when I wake up everyday to see what the weather is like won’t be long till spring is here🤞

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It’s not just the weather, thats the least of our worries…sadly we’re also on lockdown. Spring might be just about right…I’m in the same boat☹️

Yes that is very true take mine out when I walk the dog