Bought a Mini 2 which is already bound

Further to my new member introduction, I now find that the Mini 2 SE which I bought on Ebay is bound to another account and I can’t fly it. Help!!

Does the original owner need the Drone/Controller/anything else to unbind it or can he do it through his email profile?

He just needs to log into the dji fly app on any device and remove the drone from his account

Goto to Profile

Device management

The Drone (Mini 2 SE)

Remove from account

This can be done without the drone


And hope the seller actually does it, cos DJI will not help you out here. I tried to get them to unbind a purchase earlier this year, no chance!!! Be prepared to send it back if your seller wont play ball :frowning:


if it was sold as unbound then if they dont unbind it claim back from ebay as item not as described


Is what I was going to mention, how did you pay if you don’t mind my ask, PayPal or card etc.

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Well it’s sorted after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing. Seller was unable to unbind it as the option was greyed out.

I was starting to think of raising a dispute when I realised that he had a username with one email addy and a FlyApp name with a different addy. I pointed this out to him and he was able to login with the correct account and unbind it.

We’re up and running at last! Now if only the rain would push off…


Glad you were able to sort it.