Boxing Day 2019 Meet - Birmingham

Just organising a meet up on Boxing Day to hopefully save some newbies from destroying their new drones. This is the text from the official post on WMDC…

Boxing Day Meet at Senneleys Park BMX Track on 26th December 2019 11am-2pm+
Everybody Welcome!
Before you crash your new Christmas present on the big day, this is a prime opportunity for newbies who have just got their first drone for Christmas, to come and learn tips and flying techniques from experienced drone flyers, ask questions, get to know their new drone, the rules and regulations and build their confidence.
Spend Christmas day charging up the batteries, updating firmware and reading the manual. Save the flying until Boxing Day.
Experienced flyers please come along and share your knowledge.
There’s on-street parking on Mill Lane (off Stonehouse Lane) under the power-lines if the car park on the right is closed. The BMX track is through the car park on the left.
Postcode: B32 3AN
W3W On-street parking:
W3W CarPark (if open):
W3W MeetPoint:

Hope to see some of you guys there!


Sorry Andy. In the highlands for crimbo. Hopefully will get a cruise along loch ness lol.

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Greetings from the south coast.

I love the idea and I may steal it for next year :slight_smile:

Hope the weather is good for you and you have a good turnout. Pictures of the event please!

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Meet is still on for tomorrow afternoon (26th Dec) A band of rain is forecast in the morning but should’ve passed on by midday.

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Trying to get my Mrs to agree to come as she’s spending xmas with me, fingers crossed

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Sorry, can’t make it today
Family coming round and I’m catering :crazy_face::crazy_face:
ENJOY :grinning:

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Rained off mate. “Fine rain, soaks you through”


Rain down South is somewhat coarser. Soaked me and the dog well enough this morning :slight_smile:

What a horrible day, just hasn’t stopped :frowning: so much for the forecast

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At least I got some kind of video from the hour that it stopped raining. Attendance was expectedly poor but I thank Mark & Chris for coming (Chris providing additional footage from the M2Z as I only got 7 mins worth from the Mavic Mini)
Started up again as I got the MPP out so called it a day.