Brand new Ipad 2018 Cellular for sale [SOLD]


Hi Guys, I bought a new Ipad a week ago and unfortunately, it’s not fully compatible with my Parrot Anafi. Something to do with the Free Flight 6 app only being optimised for iPhones. So ever since I tried to use it and discovered the problem with the app, I’ve just repacked it and kept it in the box. Currys wont take a return or exchange, so I’m stuck with it.
Its the 2018 model, Space Grey, 128gb ROM, Wifi and 4G LTE.
I bought it for £540, will sell for £400. If you’re within 40mins drive of Preston, Lancashire, I will deliver myself or you can pick up for £380.

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I know Apple have a 14 day no quibble return policy, but that might be only if you buy direct from them. Might be worth looking into.



That’s only if you buy from them directly unfortunately

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Hi Kay Kay as said curry’s should take it back if only a week and you bought it with a credit card too that is not allowed with the consumer credit act
Go in and be firm with them
Found this ok it’s a delivered item and should be the same for in store



That’s the distance selling regulations your thinking of and does not apply to purchases made in store.

Shops aren’t under any obligation to take goods back unless they are faulty.

Some do have no quibble return policies but often its for unopened goods.



Well I’m flabbergasted must have been lucky in the past

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Depends on the store.

A lot match the in store return policies to online but they are not required to.

And they wonder why people prefer to shop online.

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I’ve dealt with Currys before. I don’t think they take anything back unless it’s faulty. Sometimes you just have to tell em it’s…