Brand New: Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW case [SOLD]

Due to a dispute with Amazon over the return, I have a brand new, never used, still tagged, etc, Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW case for sale.

The AW part being All Weather - it has a built in water proof cover that pulls out.

More pics, more spec, etc:

Currently at £84 on Amazon:

Your’s for just £63.47

One catch though…

You need to arrange delivery.

Tell me what day your courier of choice will collect and I’ll make sure someone is in :slight_smile:

Mmmmm just been looking at the BP450 AW 11 and 350AW 11… this one may be a bit small… I need to put 2x Nikon cameras, 2x lenses + batteries etc… Great Price though

Price dropped to £50 for (hopefully) a quick sale.

The £50 price now includes delivery via courier to your door.

Image poached from another site to give you an idea of the internal size for use with a drone:

Again, not my photo, the item I’m selling here is still brand new.

This is still brand new, still unused and still:

Price now reduced to clear…

Now less than HALF PRICE :scream:

Yours for £40 inc delivery.

Nobody needs a Lowepro slingshot case for their drone? :thinking:

I’ll take it, send me your bank details and I’ll send the money over


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