Branksome Rec in Poole

Had a bit of fun at the park I grew up next to. First attempt at editing so please excuse the length, exposure, colour grading etc but constructive criticism welcome!!!


Good video, it has a nice range of shots and edited quite well, I would just say maybe make some of the shots a little bit shorter but great job :+1:


and i grew up playing there as well

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Well done, a very good start. I was trying to work out the exposure issue, has it all shot on the same day, some clips are really sunny but others are dull and overcast. I agree with Sam’s comment about clip length, i had the same issue at first and still don’t think I am brutal enough with my editing, what software are you using for editing?
What drone are you using?
Take care and stay safe.

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Thanks Guys

More than aware of the “length” issue (story of my life!!)- I need to be ruthless for sure, was aiming for a 5 minute clip but with over an hour to choose from I just couldn’t bring myself to cut any more!

That’s just put together with a freebie, “IceCream Video Editor”. Very basic but all I have at the mo- attempted to use Davinci as that’s recommended a lot but my laptop couldn’t handle it :frowning:

It was all shot within an hour on the same day, on my mavic mini, 2.7k 60fps with auto exposure. Learning about the camera settings is on my list, but want to get a bit better with drone control first.