Breaking the speed limit


The drone code limits how high we can fly, along with how far (VLOS). What they don’t restrict, is how fast we can fly. So with that in mind, just a bit of fun, what’s the fastest you’ve ever flown your drone? :grimacing:

Post as many entries as you like, no limit on how old the flight was (or how recent). Only one of each make/model aircraft will occupy the leaderboard :slight_smile: Entries must be screenshots of Airdata, DJI GO or whatever app your drone flies with that records / proves your speed.

Members worldwide are able to participate and will earn the Speed Freak badge if they beat a current position on the Leaderboard, but only UK members will featured on the Leaderboard.

Breaking The Speed Limit - Current Leaderboard

LAST UPDATED: 30/04/19 @ 15:40

[1] 112.00MPH - Selfbuild - @Wyntrblue

[2] 69.72MPH - DJI Inspire 1 - @PingSpike

[3] 65.99MPH - Parrot Disco - @callum

[4] 60.69MPH - DJI Inspire 2 - @mickydd

[5] 58.96MPH - DJI Phantom 3 - @Mike357

[6] 54.20MPH - DJI Mavic Pro - @Cobblers

[7] 52.03MPH - DJI Phantom P4 - @MementoMori

[8] 47.40MPH - DJI Spark - @Ted_Maul

[9] 47.20MPH - DJI Mavic 2 Pro - @callum

[10] 46.30MPH - DJI Mavic Air - @Longstride

[11] 46.20MPH - DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - @Ed-209

[12] 45.17MPH - DJI Phantom P4P - @MementoMori

[13] 42.69MPH - Parrot Anafi - @Alkahest

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Inspire 1 hit 42.6mph on my maiden flight with it :open_mouth: No wind either… If no one beats this with an i1 then I’ll be back to challenge own title once I’ve gotten used to it :wink:

Battery Temp no longer showing on Airdata

Mavic Pro 40.8mph with a medium tail wind :+1:

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I’m guessing it won’t be long before someone has knocked me off both those # 1 slots :blush:


Who’ll have the fastest Spark to sit on the leaderboard?

Fastest Phantom 3? 4?

And the inevitable I guess… who’ll be the first to knock me off the Mavic Pro top slot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mavic Pro



Where does it say Mavic Pro? :thinking:


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It says it where I say it’s all I have. The Cheerson don’t record data. :wink:


Go on then, I’ll believe you… :rofl:

Leaderboard updated :+1:

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Ah yes! Car chasing day! :+1:


Edit: Might be time to hook my MP up to my laptop. :wink: :wink:

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I’m sure my entry won’t stay #1 for long.

Right … hack the MP parameters and find a WINDY day. :+1:

Edit: I have a second reason for building a cheap (aka disposable) MP, now! LOL

Weight reduction, bigger motors, bigger props …… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m well down 36.4
I was a bit shocked though to see 2 flights on the same day in June in excess of 1000ft high.
I think I’d only just stopped using beginner mode.



Looks like 30 m/s on graph but I’ll call it 29.5 to be safe.

Works out as 106.2 km/h or 65.9mph



Impressive mate :smiley:

Leaderboard updated :clap:


I can see an imminent post from @callum
“There I was … 68mph wind … so I could just get home … steep dive downwind …. 150mph” :wink:


I only wish the racing drone recorded speed :wink:

I’m expecting to be knocked off the top by a phantom or inspire downwind in ATTI mode.

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Time for a little tracker on the racer! :wink:

People used to attach them to their P2s … great data capture, actually.

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One of these …

I’m sure it’s possible to hook it up to most things … mainly just power and GPS links, I think. Got close to getting one, but didn’t bother in the end.

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Challenge accepted :rofl:


Mavic Air - 42.7mph

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