Breaking the speed limit


Leaderboard updated.

@Ed-209 you’ve just earned yourself a Speed freak badge


Congrats on placing on the leaderboard @Ed-209 :clap:

Feel free to post future flights, you are allowed to break your own speed record :wink:


Brilliant - the lowest … fastest speed! :+1:


It’s not the winning it’s the taking part there is no shame in that


In case it wasn’t blindingly obvious by my flight pattern below, I went out today with every intention of reclaiming my Inspire 1 speed crown :crown:

I’ve been modding the Inspire 1 firmware this week and have been itching to try it out. Wasn’t quite expecting it to overtake the Inspire 2 as well :bowing_man:

The parameter mods and firmware changes are a bloody nightmare to do as there’s sooooo little info out there for the i1, it’s a very different beast to the gen2 drones. I’ll the post details to my delve thread later in the week but suffice to say, NFZs removed, max alt etc all zeroed and the all important ‘GPS+++’ tweaks turned right up :+1:


I’ll just leave this here :wink:

Just gutted I couldn’t hit the magic 70.0MPH - I’ll try again on a windy day :crazy_face:

Do I or don’t I

Nice one!

Speed Freak badge awarded! :+1: :wink:

Leaderboard Updated


… and you recorded battery temps? Old version of Go4?


I’ve got something to beat there Rich.


Was hoping to beat the M2P record today but most I managed was 45.8MPH with a decent tail wind.

Going to swap out the tripod mode on 3way switch for ATTI mode.


Hurrah! :man_dancing:

That badge didn’t exist back when I was originally on the leaderboard :blush:

I was flying with Litchi today Dave :+1:

Hmmm… I didn’t think to put the Inspire in to ATTI when testing today… I’ll remember in my next go :grimacing:

Get those batteries charged Mick :smiley:


Ahhh - yes. I must get to the bottom of Litchi not recording anything on my phone.


Bloody Litchi still catches me out with the auto-map zooming.

First time I’ve used it on the Inspire today, so I took off, hovered at about 12ft high, looked at the home point and thought “Ohhhhh shit! That’s MILES away!!!” and immediately landed it again!

Scratching my head trying to work out why the green dot was so far away from me…

Then I realised the map was zoomed right in. And I mean, right in!! :roll_eyes:

I zoomed it out a bit and took off again :blush:


114,336 km/h with Inspire2


CRIPES!!! That’s nippy!

Leaderboard updated!



Nicely done @Maredich :clap:

I can see I’m going to have to up my game and get a bit more adventurous with my GPS+++ and ATTI mods…

Game on my friend :wink:


You need to find some of that downhill wind. :wink:


As opposed to this pesky uphill wind that we have here in the north you mean? :thinking:



Perhaps a long bungee rope might work. :rofl:


There’s a downside to this by the way…

I’m not sure how the i2 handles things as it’s naturally more powerful than the i1 (v1) anyway, but the i1 gets reeealllll twitchy at this kind of parameter-mod level as it is… I rolled a new firmware after doing this speed mod to calm things down a bit. There’s only so much tilt you can apply before the laws of physics (and gravity) will take over :confused:

Wondering now if I should have bought an i1 v2 with the enhanced motors… :thinking:


Finally got it out of first gear :grin::helicopter:
M2Z 46.2 mph