Breaking the speed limit


Leaderboard updated!


Nice one @Ed-209 - that’s a bit more like it :smiley:


Benefit of ATTI mode is you require less tilt for higher ground speed helped along with the wind.



Leaderboard updated!

Speed Freak Badge granted! :+1:



In Milton Keynes?

Clearly not on the roads :rofl:

But in all seriousness, nicely done @SkyDonkey :+1:

It’s interesting that only 0.1MPH separates each of the 7th, 8th and 9th places!


i want to take it out on a windy day fly into wind and on return bang it into sport and she what she does…


Probably the same speed … since the top speed seems to be GPS speed limited, not relative to the air.



20mph tail wind and I still couldn’t break 46mph.


If I had a gps tracker unit I could fix to my P2 - I’d love to see what I can manage in full manual mode.
Perhaps I should fix an old phone to it , with a tracker app running.

Edit: Probably need to get new a new battery for the P2, really. They aren’t easy to get hold of any more. :frowning_face:


Oh yeah, d’oh! :blush:


Almost 3 months and nobody has managed to improve on any of these.

One to add to your New Year Resolutions in almost 8 hours time! :wink:


I have tried a few times with some quite high winds and still can’t get any sager with my Mavic Air!!!


As eluded to in previous posts in this thread, most people are now hitting the GPS speed restrictions that DJI have in place :blush:

I think the only way to beat these now is by using firmware mods :+1:t2:

Either that, or a REALLY windy day may get you a +0.01MPH bit faster to just pip someone :slight_smile:

Or you could use a drone that’s not in the current leaderboard

If only we knew someone with a Typhoon… yup… I’m looking at you @Turbys9 and @pilningpilot - there’s badges to be collected here :rofl:

And similarly, if only we knew people with Anafi drones that could get on the leaderboard too… :thinking:

(cough) @Rifleair and @Alkahest :wink: (cough)


You never know when they might make a mistake in a new firmware update. :wink:


My Typhoon says max speed in sports mode is 45mph so I don’t think I stand a chance… but I will give it a try when I get out next… :thinking:


There are ZERO Typhoons on the current leaderboard.

If you post proof of travelling at 1MPH you’ll be on the board and have a Speed Freak badge :smiley:


That is of course until @pilningpilot comes along and posts a 2mph flight and knocks you off :rofl:


It’s almost worth going and buying a drone that’s not on the list. :thinking: