Breaking the speed limit


Keeep awaaaaay from eBaaaayyy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not gone outhere and pushed it yet but this is what’s recorded as the fastest my M2P has travelled thus far! Just need to find a downhill stretch :grin:


Well @sunstone

You need to be just 0.3MPH faster than that to get your name on the wall… it’s possibly do-able? Turn off obstacle avoidance, get it in to ATTI mode, windy day, high altitude and soar like a bird!!!

Just pray it comes back though :rofl:


OK, here we are so far I have not used sport mode only film, and I’ve been taking it really easy so my current best speed is just under 35 feet per second which comes out at 23MPH

I realise its a little slow compared to others but…


Right, taken on board, gonna give it the beans!!! #Illbeback !


Not at all Graham!

We all know some drones fly faster than others and this is all about who has the fastest drone of each model :smiley:

Welcome to the leaderboard! We have our first Parrot Anafi on there now :bowing_man:

And congrats too on your new Speed Freak badge :clap:t2:


I reckon I could get my M2P close to 100 mph but it may take its toll on the aircraft. Fly it up to 120m and cut the power. In a vacuum, Newtons equations predict would be travelling at 48.5m/s (108 mph) just before ‘landing’. OK, knock of 20 mph due to wind resistance and that would be 88 mph.


I look forward to adding your entry into the leader-board. :wink:


Are there any theoretical Speed Freak badges?


Ok, so your name is really Marty McFly !, and you drive a Delorean?


Yep, you’re rumbled me and my drone would have brained some poor sod standing in the wrong place in 1955


Am getting there…0.1mph improvement! 0.2 to go!! :grin:


45.48mph I believe


Just need to beat 46.4MPH for the M2P. :+1:


Just one more mile per hour @Longstride!!

Grab a windy day mate :smiley:


I need to add a GPS tracker to my P2 …. in FULL manual! :wink:



Instead of just doing your usual “HDR’ing the shit out of it™”, you could always hack the shit out of it instead :rofl:


I was really impressed with my 43.42mph earlier today so rushed home to post - then saw the speeds some other folk have managed!

Ah well, never mind:-)


Good effort @rangioran :smiley:

You only needed another 1.76MPH and you’d have knocked @MementoMori of the P4P throne!


Ahh… If that’s the case I’m up for attempting that :grin: