Breaking the speed limit


Good man! :smiley:


Embarrassed. Ran out of space and still had a tail wind. Will try for the top spot!..! Home built 450.


Welcome to the Leaderboard @notveryprettyboy, you’ve claimed the Selfbuild slot at 45.0MPH :smiley:

The Speed Freak badge is currently winging its way to your profile :clap:t2:




Actually. Its 49!



Sorry, don’t know where I got 45 from, leaderboard corrected :blush:


Been out this affo and just pipped M2P top speed by 0.1 to 46.5mph :grin::+1::rocket:


Welcome to the Leaderboard, @sunstone! … knocking @SkyDonkey off the M2P slot.


The speed says 46.2mph on leader board… Ought to be 46.5mph :grin: @OzoneVibe @PingSpike


Cheers :blush::+1:


No it doesn’t!
… now! :wink:


Ha ha! I just wiped that fly out me eye (having gone that fast!) and yes it does say 46.5mph. Obviously it was me just misreading :joy::wink:


Congrats @sunstone! Speed Freak badge awarded :clap:t2:


Same as @Rifleair - haven’t really put the Anafi to test to Speed Mode yet. Still, I think I managed a little above 21mph in film mode here - still scouring through my old logs to see what I can find though!


Ok I guess I did find something faster, close to 11.5m/s so about 25.725 mph. This is from a flight near Clifton Bridge in Bristol and I suspected I could have a fast one on this flight because i just remembered trying to dodge a buzzard which I thought was about to come into my flight path. Next time I’m out in the open - ( around mid february I think) I’m gonna try and push the anafi to the max and see what I can get :3


Careful measuring makes that 11.19 m/s = 25.03 MPH.

This sees @Rifleair knocked off bottom spot with his Parrot Anafi record and replaced by @Alkahest … who now received the Speed Freak Badge. :+1:

Leaderboard updated!


@OzoneVibe- Will be back after I put it into Sports Mode and push it beyond the record for the Spark at least!


Oooooooooo! #Tempting! :imp::imp::imp:


:rofl:. It wont come back!


Down really low and upwind on the outward leg.
Up high for the downwind leg.
Down low again for the recovery! :+1:
#Possibly :thinking: