Breaking the speed limit


You’ll be good to go. Its just I tried something similar but I was inexperienced. I hit rth, but my max pitch was 30 deg. Couldn’t fight the wind so I ditched it to be safe. Whereas I could of just put it into rate and flew it back manually. I went low too, but it was on a beach so windy everywhere. Well, if you dont crash and burn, you dont learn. Was a recurrence for me!:grin:


Hello everyone! Came across this forum while researching inspire 1 firmware mods and thought I’d give it a go on a top speed run on my stock I1V1 with TB48 battery and no camera attached (busted from a crash last month which caused me to sleeve the right side CF toob from the inside with EMT conduit). Does anyone happen to know the stock inspire 1 speed record? Came across a video of 89 mph on youtube but nothing else worth mention. Near future plans are a main pilot fpv system for proper Pilot/Camera Operator functions so my next speed record attempts will be accompanied with a video feed.



Time to keep my word. Had the chance and maxed my bird out with full banking. I’m sure if not more, this is at least 19m/s on the graph ( accuracy check requested). which is 42.5 MPH - at the very least - I’ve beaten the Spark here !


Pixel analysis in Photoshop gives 19.0866 m/s = 42.69 mph … and moves the Parrot Anafi above the DJI Spark into 12th fastest drone known to man … or known to GADC, at least. :wink:

Leaderboard updated!


What app is this?


That’s from DJI’s Go4 app.


As OzoneVibe said above, it’s on the left of the flight records page.


I can’t seem to see that on the flight records page?!? :see_no_evil::flushed:


What device are you using?


Its the M2P. I cant seem to see anything on the left. :thinking:


I mean as in the screen you are viewing for flying.
I’m using an iPad but I think you might be using the new controller now thinking about it.
I’m not sure how or if you would get this screen on that.
On the iPad you go to the three lines on the top right of the enter device screen and choose flight logs, it then appears on the left hand side.
I believe you can do the same on phones using iOS or Andriod but it displays on the whole screen.




Parrot Disco/Anafi owners may be interested in this ….


@OzoneVibe @MementoMori

Can I just check…are we talking about that graph info that s displayed above ? :point_up_2: as thats what im meaning to find? is that right ?:rofl:

I fear that I’ve confused myself as well as you. lol


Ah - your reply linked back to @MementoMori’s posts from Go4, and that graph is from the Parrot Anafi … but you can see similar by …

a) having an Airdata subscription (don’t forget our discounts, and if you have Litchi that also gives you a discount - I don’t recall which is the larger), or

b) uploading logs to the PhantomHelp Log Viewer

… although I know both were having issues with the M2 logs initially, and not sure if that’s been solved.


Awesome, thankyou:+1: I do use LItchi (well I used to (be able to) on my “old unsmart” controller but the less we say about that the better! :rofl:) but have not come across AirData as yet. Will have a look at that esp as a discount is in the offing :stuck_out_tongue:


The free version of AirData is good too, and worth looking at.

Also - from the free - you can export the data as CSV and use Excel to create your graphs … if you know how.

Obviously, since I know there were issues with the M2 logs initially, it’s worth checking that they’ve solved this (via the free version, but I’m sure their site will say) before paying.

Edit: It appears the M2 P/Z are both supported, now …

… even though that list hasn’t been updated with the Parrot drones. Must be very new additions!


Brilliant brilliant. Thankyou for that info. Look forward to having a play with that laters