Breaking the speed limit


There’s also a couple of (Windows) apps that can create the csv locally, and one does graph display.

Both can be downloaded from (for free)

DatCon creates a CSV file, and
CsvViewer has a viewer to create graphs a bit like the one above.

Again - can’t see anything specific about M2 issues, but the latest update dates would suggest it’s OK.

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I really need to book mark these posts somehow…some realy cool info here…




That might be the “bookmark” icon, then. :wink:

Retrieve by clicking on your icon (top right) and selecting the bookmark icon. :wink:



Eh?? hahahahaha have you just switched that on just because I’ve asked for it?? LOL . If I asked for a Ferrari too is that possible ? :joy:

OMG how have I missed that ? :see_no_evil:

Spot on, thankyou (again) :smile::ok_hand:

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Chances are you already have a load of accidental bookmarks.
I know I have to check and clear out accidental ones every so often.



Will have to look at that too.My book mark icon was hidden under the 3 dots menu thingy majig but now that I know its there, it’ll come in very handy as an almost noob finding his way through a forest full of drones info! :+1:

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Yeah - my screenshot was from my “newbie user” testing account with fewer functions and no 3 dots.

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Somebodies popped the top spot? 96mph by @Wyntrblue.
2 mins into the video before you dumped it. It bounced as well! I really do think he couldn’t have done it without my superior quad. :rofl:



Is the 96M in that screen shot 96 meters in altitude? :thinking:

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Nah 84ft altitude.

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Ah right, so the 96M in that screen shot is 96MPH then Karl?

And it was flown by @Wyntrblue ?

Just confirming before the leaderboard gets updated :blush:

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It’s certainly pretty nippy. I think we could get more out of it with more aggressive props and a steeper cam angle :slight_smile:
Thanks to @notveryprettyboy for letting me play :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I got 72mph, but unfortunately only one spot per model and its self build.
Cam is at 20 degrees. I’m just a beginner remember. And the props are cheap. But didn’t break!
She screams like a proper bitch in the video.



Yes it was flown by @Wyntrblue and its mph.



In which case, ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new champion :1st_place_medal:

@Wyntrblue tops out the leaderboard at 96.0MPH :scream:

He also earns himself the Speed Freak badge too :bowing_man:

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Hmmmm … how do you build a drone? << heads to YouTube >>


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I find myself wondering what the terminal velocity of a Disco fixed wing would be if pointed straight at the ground too :thinking:

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I need to say that if it wasn’t for @notveryprettyboy’s machine I couldn’t have done this so credit where it’s due it’s his quad not mine…

Now roll on the new month so I can order the cam for
My speed machine.

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GPS speed vertical is zero! :wink:



… but, pull out from that dive … :thinking: