Breaking the speed limit


Mavic air 43.28 mph


Sorry @Paul_M your position on the charts was nearly as short lived as mine - @Monstermavic now has the fastest Mavic Air :open_mouth:


48.72mph Mavic Pro. Just above my street so I’m guessing super sport mode testing ;o)



@milkmanchris. My Mavic Pro… Challenge accepted… lol Dont judge me on Altitude…


While we are on that I’ll give you a Phantom 3 speed of 82.3kph (51.13 in old money)


51.76 MPH with the Inspire.


Don’t ask me how but it’s there in black and white, Spark 77.6 MPH :rofl:


WTF, did you have rocket motors attached or something? :rofl:


Sport+++ :joy:
I can’t find it on the logs, I’ll have to have another look when I’m more awake.


I’ve sold my XIAOMI Mi 4K now to buy my MA but I’m fairly sure it was faster than my MA. It was definitely faster than my Phantom 3 Advanced. I now wish I had checked the speed properly.


Leaderboard updated :+1:

@Cobblers claims the Mavic Pro crown (any MPP entries anyone??)

@milkmanchris claims the Phantom 3 title

@MementoMori steals the Inspire 1 victory (from me!!!)

@MementoMori also tries to pull the wool with an erratic Spark claim to fame that nobody quite believes :rofl: … found those logs yet? :thinking: :wink:


Best i have managed in my MPP is 42.8MPH… Not a bad effort :wink:

Or was it this? :wink:



Well it’s not doctored and that is a screen shot from the iPad, how is it showing that speed though I want to know, we all know that it’s not possible.


The positioning on (most) GPS is recalculated once every second.

If interference creates a 35 metre position error on one of those calculations, it logs that as 70 metres in 2 seconds (there and back) … even if the GPS hasn’t moved a centimetre.

70 metres in 2 secs = 35 meters / sec = 78 mph. #Bingo

Let’s face it … 35 metres is not much, and it’s amazing that more such errors are not created.
Some GPS have a feasibility filter, and I’m sure the DJI units do, but perhaps all such spikes are not always filtered.

I’ve had the GPS in my car think I’m miles away from where I really am … for a few seconds. Most can throw similar errors.


@Woolnut the beach photoshop was incredible but now your pushing your luck :joy:


Do you know what the strange thing is?
I noticed this months ago when it happened and thought there is no chance, now I’ve viewed and gone through the video of those flights logs for that day (three flights), the 125 km/h has changed to 54.4 km/h which is more like it.
Why would it do that?


This is something that often happens to people with too many drones …. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Serious answer: No idea why things are changing. :confused:

Edit: Could just be iffy software summarising/reporting the data.


:rofl: That’s an illness, nothing more :joy: I must stop buying drones, I must stop buying drones, I must stop buying drones :thinking: :grinning:

It’s obviously changed with me playing the flight log videos, I never play any of them, I wonder how accurate the others are in that case.


I’m totally lost now, just synchronized the logs again and it’s back to 125 km/h and the growth value has increased, I haven’t flown since last week as I’ve been in work and I pressed the sync button earlier to upload the logs from the last Sunday.
I then took a quick video so you can see the speed has not been altered.


Chances are Airdata does a better analysis/summary of flight data than DJI … since its how they make their money.
Could be worth opening a free account, if you don’t have one, and uploading your data to there.