Breaking the speed limit


Thank you for that, I didn’t know there was a free option.


It doesn’t give you everything, and archives flights to a maximum of 100 live. But still useful.
I’m still working out how best to use.
Thinking one automatic upload account on phone for everything, second manual one from laptop for flights I don’t want archived.
I don’t sync anything to DJI.


If you decide to take a paid option don’t forget the GADC members discount.


Thank you, I will try the free one for now to see how I get on with it.


580 mph. emirates A380


I’ll have to have a chat with Tim Peak and see when he’s off to the ISS again … I’m sure the weight of my MP won’t be an issue. :wink:


The speed is not something that I have really tested with my Mavic Air, only ever having switch to sports mode once. I have my system set to meters so displays shows fastest speed as 18.84 m/s.

This converts to 42.14 mph (see below)

May have to have another try! :wink:


Close! but doesn’t beat @Monstermavic’s 43.2MPH

You can always switch which Airdata displays on your “My Logs” home page:



Thanks for tip as always @OzoneVibe

I know, more work to do…


I’m hoping a Phantom 4 owner will come along soon and claim the first P4 slot :+1: Perhaps @Longstride’s cousin?

And an Inspire 2 owner? I’m looking at you @DroneUnit, @Maredich and @Jcborden :wink:

I’m also eagerly awaiting @Turbys9’s joining this thread with his Typoon H Plus Pro :open_mouth:

We also need a Spark in there, I’m looking at you @Londroner, @liamski and @m2bfx. However, I’m not looking at you @MementoMori with your wild 436.2MPH claims :rofl:

I’m pretty sure that’s cheating mate :rofl:


Inspire2 112km/h


Got a screenshot Harry?


I would just be happy to get my typhoon… it’s dragging on now :rage:


Phantom 4, 49.52 mph

Phantom 4 Pro, 45.17 mph

Spark, 33.8 mph

I’ll have to see if I can get out and try to better these now :smile:


Leaderboard updated:

LAST UPDATED: 14/08/18 @ 08:30

[1] 65.9MPH - Parrot Disco - @callum

[2] 54.2MPH - DJI Mavic Pro - @Cobblers

[3] 51.7MPH - DJI Inspire 1 - @MementoMori

[4] 51.3MPH - Phantom 3 - @milkmanchris

[5] 49.5MPH - Phantom P4 - @MementoMori

[6] 45.2MPH - Phantom P4P - @MementoMori

[7] 43.2MPH - DJI Mavic Air - @Monstermavic

[8] 33.8MPH - Spark - @MementoMori


Thank you Dave.
These figures were before this thread came along, I can see us all out there soon trying our best not to crash at speed :joy:


@PingSpike I will give it a go…Spark be prepared …


So out this morning testing my new tablet mount (seperate topic to follow) and tried to see if I could beat @Monstermavic record, but just couldn’t squeeze enough out of my MA! only managed 43.17 mph (so close but yet so far.

May try a costal run for a bit more tail wind!!!


I can see we’re going to have to update the leaderboard with speeds to 2 decimal places, very soon!


It’s going to get that close! I thought about rounding up…