Breaking the speed limit


… to the nearest 100? :wink:




Seems I better dust off those props and get back up there :wink:


OK - updated, and rounded, to 2 decimal places of MPH - recalculating from KPH/MPS where that was the visual evidence.

LAST UPDATED: 14/08/18 @ 15:30

[1] 65.99MPH - Parrot Disco - @callum

[2] 54.20MPH - DJI Mavic Pro - @Cobblers

[3] 51.76MPH - DJI Inspire 1 - @MementoMori

[4] 51.14MPH - Phantom 3 - @milkmanchris

[5] 49.52MPH - Phantom P4 - @MementoMori

[6] 45.17MPH - Phantom P4P - @MementoMori

[7] 43.28MPH - DJI Mavic Air - @Monstermavic

[8] 33.80MPH - Spark - @MementoMori


Oh yes!


I wanna get out on a good day and really give it some, but I have managed to up my personal best.i want 44 but that’s gonna be a tough one lol


Updated your marginal improvement on the leaderboard. :+1:


Well I just went out and flew the Spark, Mavic, Phantom 4 and Inspire in the wind, didn’t seem to be getting anywhere so didn’t bother with the P4P, got home to find I got two quicker speeds with the Phantom 4 and the Inspire :open_mouth:
I think when Rich does some mods I won’t be there for long.
The Mavic was very disappointing.


Leaderboard updated!


Did you fly the p4 and inspire in ATTI?

I couldn’t get more than 41mph out MP, even with a 20mph tail wind. They have the gps speed locked down pretty well.

Suppose that’s where sport+ comes in or ATTI on the phantoms.


Yes, tried everything, I also only got 41 mph out of the Mavic.
The only modded one is the Mavic.


ok…0,7km overstated


Which model drone was that? … and why/how overstated?

Edit: OK - got the answer to both! :+1:


I think it is an Inspire 2 Dave, he posted further up the page about post 50


We have a new leader of leaders!! @Maredich with his Inspire 2

Leaderboard updated!


NoLimitDronez pushed the end speed a bit


Looks like I have got to find somewhere with a real tailwind!!!


Just been checking the specs and it seems DJI claim a top speed of 42.5 mph for the Mavic Air but some have claimed 44+, so it seems it’s doable @Monstermavic :+1:


Just got find some air with a steep slope in it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Yes and as you say, need to get the right wind etc.surprisingly today had little wind, though it might be somewhat different at the right altitude