Breaking the speed limit


I think @callum might be onto the main problem … with the MP, at least.


I can offer 20 m/s (44.7 mph) on the Mavic Air. I’ll ask my cousin for his P4 stats.


I’m sure mine was quicker on the .300 than now I’m on the .700, I wonder if this is the problem :thinking:


Nice one!

20.7m/s I make as 46.30 mph, :+1:

Leaderboard updated!


Could be.

Even in my P2 days, updates that changed speed (horizontal or vertical) seem always to have reduced them, never increased.


I know that the mavic was slowed down shortly after release.

I didn’t own one at time but remember reading all the complaints.

I’m going to try selectable ATTI mode, see what I can get out it and a decent wind.

As for the disco… Next gale force wind and its getting sent up, reclaim first place lol.


You may also get the “Fastest impact of Disco into Heather” record. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who’s Heather and do you think she would mind? :rofl:


She might enjoy being pecked by a Parrot. LOL


While you young tearaways rip up the skies with your hot rod quads me and my Spark with be cruising along at more sedate speeds, thank you very much, hogging as much of the middle lane as possible. :wink:


So go out today, find a bit of wind, chuffed to get 19.4 m/s thinking “have I beat @Monstermavic “ , only to find when I get home that I needn’t have bothered. Wow @Longstride that is fast - don’t think I shall try to beat that as not sure I want to be flying in that kind of wind!!!


Actually, the visual evidence on @Longstride’s was 20.7m/s = 46.30mph.
So - a bit more to do! :wink:


Damnit I better get back out there…46 is impressive :astonished:


Post removed, I thought we were going in order of fastest first.


We are. :wink:


Hell of a tail wind!


:thinking: I think I need a holiday in the Caribbean! #HurricaneSeasonApproaches. :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to move a few around then in that case :wink:


Don’t know what you mean. :innocent-until-proven-guilty-face:


I’ll have to get out with the P4P again, I can’t have a Mavic Air beating it :rofl:

Edit; mind you with the way the firmware is it wouldn’t surprise me :thinking: