Breaking the speed limit


Hmmm - today’s speed trials only proved one strange thing … Sport Mode didn’t activate. Weird. … and torrential rain, tomorrow. Bother!
Only change since I know it was last working - Go4 now 4.2.16 rather than 4.2.14 when it was working.
Perhaps I never reset after uninstalling everything to eradicate 4.2.20 (just a personal thing.)


I noticed that too, you need to go into the settings and activate other modes now, it’s strange because I haven’t done any updates so how did it alter :thinking:


Mine did the same recently and I just assumed it was reinstalling app and downgrading firmware.

Got caught out in wind so definitely one to watch out for.


I think I copied the DJI folder, uninstalled 4.2.20, renamed the copy back to original (to keep data), then installed 4.2.16. Assumed most setting would be retained.
I’ll have to try again.


It wasn’t so much updating … it was screwing about with things in an extreme manner. LOL.
So obvious now.
At least - I hope that’s it!
Indeed - it had switch from that alien metres-per-second to mph, too.
Need to review app setting! :+1:


Same here, I did panic a little, I thought it was from the .300 to .700 upgrade but thought after it couldn’t have been.


I’m sure the P4 was the same, unless it was the Spark, I know it was one of them that wouldn’t go into Sport mode without going into the app settings.


They all start off that way. I’d just not realised that my tinkering had reset so much.


I’ve not looked at this thread for a day or two, I come back to find +50 new posts!

Great work every one :smiley:

Challenge accepted!!

However, my Inspire has been stripped down today in to various parts for a new (albeit cosmetic-only) mod - which only you know about so far - I’m trusting you to :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: for now :wink:

But yes, when I get it reassembled, game on my good man!

Hmmm… care to share more details @Maredich mate?

Better still, get him signed up!!

You realise you’re never getting it back, right? That thing’s just gonna keep on cruising towards the horizon :blush:


By the way, Harry mate…

Congrats, this is an incredible speed :clap:t2:


But how did it alter two of mine without any updates, my settings have been fine until now and I haven’t done the latest Go4 update, got me thinking the P4P will be the same now :thinking:


I knew it wouldn’t be long :laughing:

Your secret is safe with me :wink:

BTW, I bought some Inspire leg extensions, I’ll post a photo when I get them on.


Hmmm - just powered things up … Sport was enabled.
I need a clear head to check things through in the morning.


Gonna have to find a much windier day


Close! :+1:


Even loaded up sport + parameters. Might have to up them a tad, I think 90kmh (56mph) is very possible




Go on … that’s sooooo close to 100kph, and you know you want to! :wink:


The fully modified thing doesn`t work on I2 with FW 01.02.0100 but the NLD Assistent goes ok so I adjusted there speed - also the DJI Go forced FCC mod seems to be working. I changed to Litchi after because it keeps the Fcc mod.


This thing wont beat me, how can it max out at same speed 22 hours later !!! I need more wind.