Breaking the speed limit


I still can’t believe there’s no Mavic 2 on the leaderboard yet?!



It’s a shame. No winner of my poll sweepstake, either, :frowning:


Here we go guys, first M2P entry.

Only a quick flight and haven’t tried sport mode yet.


We have a Mavic 2 entry :man_dancing:


Leaderboard Updated


Excellent!! We now have a Top Ten :grimacing:


If someone has a M2Z … there could be 11!
It’s almost worth going and buying one! :rofl:


Looks like someone’s been shamed into flying
Ok what’s the battery temp 93deg did you barbecue it?
Edit just checked it’s in Fahrenheit phew


Read again - the flight was on 31st August.
So, how can someone be “shamed” into flying almost 2 weeks ago?


Ok so we are at the put downs again ozone are we


@PingSpike here yer go !


Think I should buy a speed gun so I can test me Ryze Tello :rofl:


Leaderboard Updated


Yeah - that’s not going to be easy to measure.

Same for mine … :stuck_out_tongue:


Now thats small


But, pretty nippy!
I’ve been trying to work out how to measure the speed, and not thought of a way, yet.


White ones are faster :wink:


Badge time!

@Maredich, @MementoMori, @Cobblers, @milkmanchris, @Longstride and @firefox8

Well done on placing on the [Leaderboard] (Breaking the speed limit). :clap:

You’re now the first GADC members to receive our brand new Speed Freak badge!

This badge is now available for all members to try and obtain.

Anyone one who places on the leaderboard as of today will also earn this badge.

Well done guys and good luck to everyone else going forward.


And you get one too, @callum! :+1:


:+1: :+1: :+1: