Breaking the speed limit


Mavic 2, has still to be pushed to its limits. I don’t think it will be long before we see a 45mph+ entry on the Leaderboard.

Be forewarned, I’m going to try get the M2P out for a speed run this weekend and have absolutely no reservations denying any of you an easy badge :rofl:


What if - I start up the drone - placed on parcel shelf of car and drive along a motorway at 80mph … who would know ?


I’m assuming you would?


I’m pretty sure the flight log would give you away :rofl:


Lol … figured you jump in with a response .
I was just thinking .


Well thanks for the heads up Joe. We will know what to look out for when you post :rofl:


I’ll think of something else. Probably might have something to do with a massive tail wind .


The speeds are GPS limited … so it will need to be a wind more than twice the fastest speed of the drone . Have fun! :wink:


Weather was quite nice tbf… totally beatable


Nice one, @Richie2K!!

Speed Freak badge awarded! :+1:

Leaderboard Updated


I’m going to revisit this thread:

And get some serious sport mode enhancements going in order to reclaim my Mavic Pro position on the leaderboard!


I think I’ve worked out how to beat the MP top speed ….





Pushed the mp2 a bit today,just to see how fast she would go,hears todays result!:rofl::rofl::+1:


@firefox8 :+1:

Leaderboad updated!


That’s impressive @firefox8

It can fairly shift


Not bad,but i bet “callums rocket” will knock it off soon! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Potential for setting a “night time in the rain” speed record! :+1:



@OzoneVibe - UAV forecast - not suitable for flying as too cloudy :wink:


The UK’s fastest Mavic 2 Zoom, ahem :sunglasses:

15.2 mph :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s about half the speed of smell.
I got overtaken by a kite!