Breaking the speed limit

Thought I beat this one today with a tail wind but only tied it :sob: damn unit conversions

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Damn that GPS speed limiting you need a proper gust, ask @clinkadink

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ATTI mode :wink:

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

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Wondering if the plus battery will increase or hinder the speed.

I think, like others are saying, it’s capped in software to 16.6 m/s so it won’t make a difference.

From the manual:

I wonder if/why just blocking the vision sensors triggers atti mode, since it can still do positioning from GNSS

In ATTI mode it will fly as fast as you can push it, look at the leader board for the Mini 2 :joy:

You just need to know how to enable ATTI mode and have the cojones to try it @clinkadink :grinning:

Hi. Can I submit an entry for a speed record please?
I’d like to throw @Steviegeek off the table with my custom fpv wing.
He achieved 113.90mph. However, as you can see from this stomach churning clip, I managed to beat it.
Witnessed by, erm, @Steviegeek (social distancing observed due to me catching covid eventually)

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:thinking: I don’t remember seeing this…

only joking, he’s beat me a few times now :+1:

Nice one man! Which one is the mobula? Is that the little sporty looking one?


Ya. The throw about wing

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Not the easiest to fly, very unforgiving, but Karl seems to have tamed his :+1:

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Flys a lot smoother upside down for some reason

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Winglets downwards maybe :thinking:
Have you tried it yet with the vertical stabilisers off ?

I’ll take them off for the next flight once I figure out which servo keeps bombing out

Change them both, be on the safe side
I’ve got some decent EMAX ones in stock