Very nice video

Thank you Terry :pray::+1:

There’s a lot of people could learn a lot about correct exposue watching your vids Frank.

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Thank you Craig. I try to get it looking as close as I can to how I remember it looking on the day. I said in the Whitby thread that I would do a screen recording editing a clip in Final Cut Pro and I had a go but I kept messing it up either someone else making a noise or me getting tongue tide :grinning: I will have another go at it but I was trying to find a way of highlighting my mouse cursor more in the video but haven’t found a way of highlighting it on the MacBook yet :man_shrugging:t2:

You could make it bigger via Accessibility > Display > Pointer - and/or apply bright colours and outlines to it via the same menu.

Thanks Rich I will have a look at that mate :+1:

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