Brighton Beach

Anyone know of any restrictions on Brighton beach? A friend has asked me to grab a few shots for his wedding later this week, and I don’t see any restrictions in the area I’ll be flying.

When he’s working (he’s a lifeguard), he said they’ll usually ask folks to cease flying drones using the “landowner permission” citation, but I’ll be left alone because I’m with them. I said that that wouldn’t matter, as it’s a public place and as long as I’m on public land, I can TOAL where I want, keeping to the appropriate class rules for my drone (Mini 3 Pro), but I wanted to see if anyone had any local knowledge, like the beach being council property or something like that.

He also mentioned they use the “photos of people on the beach” citation, and I said for one, it’s a public place so there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy, and two, that the GDPR advice on the matter revolves more about guidelines than specific things you can and can’t do.

Can anyone elaborate here? I may have an opportunity to educate some folks that have been working on incorrect assumptions.

None that I can see:

You’ve even got a nice bit of Foreshore to use :slight_smile:

Some good search results available too!

Awesome, thanks @PingSpike! I wasn’t aware of the foreshore and Crown Estate permissions so that’s really useful stuff!

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Looks like Brighton council has some catch up to do…

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