Bristol, Suspension Bridge


From yesterday morning…Lovely day for flying!


Splendid! :+1:


Argh! It’s too slow!! Gotta re-edit…


I just played @ 2x speed in YT … weird …. sound and visual movements. :rofl:


I thought it was alright speed wise think sometimes if the music that makes it the right speed


Maybe you’re right. I just think there’s always a temptation to let clips run on for too long…also I’d like the clips you tie up with the music better so i think I’ll fiddle around with it some more anyhow…


Is use the time to get out and fly in this superb weather!
I’m stuck at home waiting for deliveries. :-/


I’ve just watched at 1080/60 and it looked great to me Tom , especially loved the way that the sun was lighting up the bridge and the observatory :ok_hand:


Also thinking that there should be a “flying under a bridge badge” :wink:


I was freaking out there…“this is stupid, this is stupid” was going round and round in my head. Mind, i do get that most times i send her up!


I have avoided trying to go under a couple of bridges around her, but I couldn’t have resisted going under that! :wink:


Chances are if you took off at river level it would be illegal to fly over it! #BadlyThoughtOutRules


Great video and I bet you loved every minute of the flight…


It was a great day for flying!

I’ve exited the video again now, much happier. Although changing a clip length at the start threw all my music out but…sod it!


Nice one Tom





Well done don’t forget about us ie the club