Britain from above: The best drone pictures of 2022 — The Telegraph

It’s surprising that all of the “best drone photographs of the year” were all taken by the same photographer….

Who would have thought!

I could go through my photo library and title them the same :sweat_smile:


Funny that he is the official photographer for the Telegraph :thinking:

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Yeah nobody had a chance of getting their photos represented :joy:

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Loving image 8 :wink:

“The Best”?
Most of them are mediocre, at best


:point_up:This. Colour grading, composition and spontaneity (no obvious posing like the closeup pools) is way better represented in every RTF Comp.


One maybe two pictures north of reading. How deprived us northerners are of things to photograph. :roll_eyes:

Someone should tell him about the NT byelaws and the landowner near glenfinnan viaduct. :wink: and just how did he get permission to take off in Piccadilly Circus. :scream:

Photo 9, Two women on the beach in bikinis is also one of the reasons we’re getting hit with tighter drone controls, Way to go Evening Standard you monstrous twunts.

A posed photo.

Mary Whitehouse would be turning in her grave.

As someone else said “mediocre at best”! The shots of the students is so rubbish I wouldn’t even put it on Instagram. Plus, several of the shots seem unlikely to have been as a result of legal flights - 50m from uninvolved people at Piccadilly Circus? :thinking: Overflying a swimming pool - literally the definition of a crowd of people that can’t get out of the way.

As with everything with the Standard and Telegraph - they’ll print any old tosh, as long as it’s done by one of their mates.

Sub 250g ?

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He says he flies Mavic 3 Pro.

DJI don’t make a Mavic 3 Pro (yet :grimacing: )

Do you think he meant the Mavic 3 Cine?

The paper says :

Gorman, who uses a DJI Mavic 3 drone

They all lie, or make shit up

I couldn’t see the article because I wasn’t willing to pay for it :moneybag:

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Funny how the article sites him as having a PFCO which is now and has been for quite some time superceded by an OA.

I’ve seen better on here to be honest.

It’s also funny that he is that renound, I’ve got more than 4 x the amount of followers on Facebook @ 415 followers.