Build or not to build

for a first time is it better to build a fpv dji air unit drone with goggles or just buy it full build test
any ideas and thank you for your answers in advance

Hey dude. Even if you buy an rtf your gonna need to fix stuff. Far better to build and we can offer you no end of advice!

ok thank you for the infor i did write down the cost on both and it is only about 50 pound different on building it and buy it really

this this site any good for the parts

im after the parts from the UK delivery times

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Unmannedtech are my absolute favourite supplier. The big issue you have is stock. No ones got anything really.

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Also try these:
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few true

and thank you notveryprettyboy and why is your cloud now then after money magic is off the air now


I rate FlyingTech highly as well, Will is very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Darren, you don’t mention if you’ve had any prior building experience, most importantly soldering experience.

In the most part the build process of a FPV quad is plug and play, and some software setup, but it can all be for nought if the soldering has not been done effectively.

I know there’s a fair bit of snobbery with regards to self built versus store bought but I strongly believe this is I’ll founded. Many of us build just for the love of it, not because it’s cheaper because in many cases it’s not. Initially self built projects will be significantly more expensive than going the “off the shelf” route as you’ll have the added expense of tools, test equipment, quality soldering kit, etc.

If you have no prior build experience but see yourself going the DIY route I’d recommend starting with something cheaper and less complex to begin with. It need not be a quad but any of the myriad of cheap electronic building kits that will give you the skills and basic electronic knowledge to progress to more sophisticated builds.


Ok thank you for the information and my experience is not alot but I find a few old circle board to practice on for a week or 2 until all of the parts r in stock

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i got my drones parts today and my transmitter and battery so i quess im going to be building it tomorrow now hell yes


Good luck with the build

thank you it is a iflight d5 frame with the dji air unit

I had a go with an FPV recently. I found it a great deal of fun. Even though I flew it more like my MP no stunts etc.
With the MP out of action at the moment I’m tempted to buy a kit and build myself. As others have stated I will crash and repairs needed so I figure building it will make that process easier.
I also like the idea of the customisation of these builds. I’m competent with a soldering station so I’m keen to give it a go.

Absolutely do it!

I’m in the process of planning my next build.

Sure, go for it :+1:
There’s lots of folks on here to give you help and advice