Burrow Mump, Somerset AIR2S

First video from the 2S at sunrise.
I made the switch to Premiere Pro from DaVinci Studio so just getting my head around the new software.
colour editing is much better IMO, similar to that of LightRoom but for videos.


Did you find a good TOAL spot?

or was the car park quiet :wink:

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I just went in the grounds mate, just been to specsavers and awaiting glasses so couldn’t see the NT sign. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: VLOS from the carpark with those big trees is quite difficult.

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Was pretty wet in the car park, when I went as well.

Wish I’d videoed on the day I took these but only went with the intention of grabbing a photo and with only 50% battery, no spares.


Beautiful shot Steve.

Thank you Steve. :+1:

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