Burrow Mump, Somerset

pictures taken on the 1/05/2023 dji mavic 3 classic sorry not everyone likes HDR shots great place to take a drone the people I spoke to were more interested in the drone no complaints beautiful scenery


Love Burrow Mump - brings back memories of the floods on the Levels, we all camped out in and around the pub as we helped with the defences and then the clean-up. There was a wall of sandbags all along the top of the banks of the river through the village. In your second photo, all of the fields on the other side of the river were about 8-10ft underwater, the whole view was like an inland sea, incredible.

We have an informal “Three Mumps” walk - Brent Knoll, Burrow Mump and then Glasto in a day. Bonus points if you snag a cheeky Nyland when no-ones looking :grin: