Business and Pleasure

Working on a project to deter Cormorants from lake, with Rudyard Lake Ltd, they eat there own body weight per day, so when there are 30-40 arriving each day over the last few months they are depleting fish stocks which costs hundreds of pounds to replace, my crazy idea I put forward is working! £11.99 Eagle kite on a 10 meter carbon pole the original was for me to chase with my Drone lol
And it was Saturday so business with pleasure :+1:


They do look mighty real those things Could do with one on my roof to keep the pigeons away from my solar panels :thinking:

Hi @iGo-droning, so many people have asked in regard to the eagle kite, a farmer close by to where I have put them up has just purchased four of them and we are installing them on his land to keep Canadian Snow Geese off ,due to the amount of crap deposited by them, all 120 ish of them, now that’s some sh1t

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Yes have seen them in fields not too far from where we live they seem a popular alternative to the old “scare crow man” Another dying craft :thinking: :joy:

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