Busybody confrontation this morning

Had a busybody yell at me when flying the Mini 2 this morning after I overflew a play area enroute to the location I intended to photograph…

“You flying that drone”


“You can’t fly here !”

“Yes I can”

“No you can’t, you’re flying over a children’s playground”

“You mean that empty, totally unoccupied playground ?”

“It’s a children’s playground, you can’t fly here !”

“Yes I can, it’s fully legal”

“No you can’t, you know the rules !”

“Obviously I know them better than you !”

Yes, I knew the play area was there, and had checked it before I took off. Had it been occupied ( unlikely given this morning’s weather ) I’d have flown a longer route to bypass it.

Pic of the play area in question


Ace… :rofl:


I haven’t had an encounter yet but I’m inclined to start looking for some sort of body cam that I can quickly activate. Then tell him/her that they’re being recorded and it may go on Youtube, and see how the conversation goes from there. I also have the fear that because matters don’t go to their satisfaction they could phone the police and say you were abusive and threatening. Then you have the your word against theirs battle.


Karen or Ken?


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The least aggressive of the species ;o)

I’ve a feeling that would usually go the same way as telling somebody to “calm down”.

I’d be happy for them to get as angry as they want to be so long as I was recording it and I had the evidence to show to the police if necessary that I myself remained calm and polite, which I would.

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Like they are going to do anything with it


Recording it isn’t going to stop someone breaking your jaw if they are that way inclined. I have a few road cycling friends that got on the bandwagon with body/helmet cams, most now say they just antagonise people even more once they know they are being recorded, then try and tell you that’s against the law too. I never bothered with one, if someone cut me up or gave me abuse they got a helmet or shoe launched at them.
Know your rights, stand your ground, be firm and polite to start off with. Offer to call the police on their behalf if things start going south. The majority of these people will back down when they realise you’re standing your ground, they’ll start doubting what they think they know to be the law. For the minority that don’t? Look them square in the eye and tell them quite plainly to fuck off.


:point_up_2: this

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The problem is that these people that are ignorant of the drone rules and regs might ring plod, some of whom are equally ignorant as well, especially as different weights of drones equals different rules. That could then result in a call or email to the CAA which could end up with other similar " complaints" resulting in even more stringent rules and regulations in the future about where we can fly.

Yeah I’ve had a couple of incidents like this. Remaining calm and smile a lot and be really polite, is a great way to deal with these people.
They don’t know how to react and usually puts them on the back foot.
My question is, why do some people. hate drones?

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The point here is, if the CAA get involved, as long as their rules have been followed, they won’t give a fuck. And nor should they.

cos they’re dicks!

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Because they are Sun readers, and have been brainwashed into believing all drone fliers are perverts intent on filming their wives or kids, or criminals checking out their house ready to burgle them :confused:


I’ve probably not explained the point i wanted to make properly. If the police get a complaint about drone flying without actually investigating it and speaking to the pilot who may well have been flying within the regs and then subsequently report it to the CAA. The CAA could assume the pilot has been flying illegally and then add it to the other reports received. This could possibly lead to even more restrictions where we can fly. I just think its all in our best interests to avoid confrontation and posting lots of confrontational vids on YouTube doesnt help our case either.

Sorry but you’ve missed the point. I know the police wouldn’t do anyrhing. A video would not be for them to take action against the other person. Fat chance of that happening. It’s for when they more likely direct their attention towards the white English male who’s accused of being threatening and abusive, even brandishing a knife.

Ever been in a your word against theirs situation? I have. An 85 year old guy who drove in to the side of me then accused me of turning across his path. He was the one who got seriously nasty and threatening. Fortunately he got himself tied up in knots and the road markings discredited his version. If he’d thought a bit more he could have changed his version and I wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on. So I never underestimate the evil in some people. This was before dashcams and I was one of the first to get one . Over £400 then.

How many times have you phoned 101/999 ?

Every hour of my working life.

From the bloke on the street to chief inspector in the police

They walk among us. You can not talk to some people. We had that once with a guy who just appeared from behind trees and then started. Luckily most of the time people show an interest. When I was at the great barr meet an elderly couple came over and asked if we were there the following week, I thought … here it comes… they then said there was a walk and a lot of the elderly would love to see the drones and would be interested. Was not expecting that.